When Your Bedroom is also Your Studio

As I prepared to write this, I realized it has been six months since my last post.

 That brought a few thoughts immediately, the main one being "what am I supposed to say?"

 "Should I apologize?"

 "Do I even post here?"

 Well, here's the thing: I don't know how long I'll keep this blog going.

 Now, before any questions may arise, that doesn't mean I will no longer be online or any of that! But, I feel a bit like I've outgrown this blog.
 Over the past six or seven months, I've been slowly setting up another blog on Wordpress that may or may not one day go public. But in the meantime, I might as well update here.

 I started this blog in 2015. A jumpstart of a deal from a previous blog that had in all honesty never really gotten off the ground, but it did give me some experience on not what to do. This one has been through so many changes both in layout, color, and even name (you can see the original name of this blog in the URL).

A Book Recommend: Princess Academy

I had the opportunity today to visit the used bookstore just a short drive away from my home. And aside from some handy stocking stuffers, what else do I find but–

 I had read Princess Academy* several years ago when I was struggling for good books to read. (Seems I come by that problem more and more often as time goes on.)  This one was a bit of an unknown to me when I picked it up. I had already read 'The Goose Girl'* also by Shannon Hale*
 I can't tell you exactly my first thoughts or opinions on the book, because of the simple fact that I don't remember.  But if my impression three or more years later to finding this available on a bookshelf in a used book store was–Oh my word I can't believe it!!!–then I'd say it's a fairly good assumption I enjoyed it.
 For the sake of spoilers or any other present tidbits that might give the story away, I shall simply say this.
 If you enjoy stories that are about strong characters, interesting cultures, and learnin…

The Writer's Book Tag

Hello there, Readers!
 A brand new month is upon us, and I'm going to be doing my best to write even though NaNoWriMo has finished. With that in mind: it's my goal to try and blog at least once a week, with Sunday being day 1. I know I've tried this before and failed, and a bi-weekly as well. But I ended up worrying too much about what you all would or wouldn't like to read.
 In short, I'm just going to post what I know I like talking about. Simple as that. (I don't know why I take so long to grasp simple concepts, honestly :P)

 Via another blogger I follow, she said at the end of her blog post that anyone was allowed to say that they had been tagged by her. The fabulous Hannah Heath!

 Let's get started!

The Writer's Book Tag: Books I Love, Hate, and Couldn't Care Less About.

First Draft: A book or series that you've never read before.
The Mouse That Glowed.  I really should start reading this book. It has been sitting on my desk for far too long…

Why not?

When I was younger, I used to dress up on a regular basis. When I got older, it changed from dress-up to dressing up, and I used to do it more frequently than I do now–why?–because, why not?

 Dressing up for fun without any plans other than wanting to look particularly fine on a given day is something I did when I got new pieces of clothing. I would spend the entire day sometimes, just going back and forth and trying on new outfits just to see what worked, and what didn't.

 The act of taking the time and the care of what it was I was putting together was very relaxing, and in a way, I suppose it could be called therapeutic.
 Why I have suddenly not done this is for one reason–I became lazy.

 I don't have a lot of pictures taken of me, and as a result I usually end up taking pictures of myself on those particular days so I have some decent photographs. Those photos typically end up becoming profile pictures on social media. But for me, the getting ready and getting dressed up …

Chapter One

Day one of NaNoWriMo has come and gone, and off to a well meaning start!
Even though I'm not certain the story I'm writing will need fifty thousand words to reach the end, I'm planning on counting any writing I may get done on the planning or world building for the story I didn't get done before November began.
 As it stands, I wrote 1,668 words today, doing my best to not overdo day one–which has happened in previous years.

 We'll see how day two goes, as well as story progression. So far I have a decent chapter one, and what I hope to be a good start on the story's main plot.
 How did you do today?


3 and Counting.

Hey there readers!
Less than 4 hours until NaNoWriMo begins. Hard to believe isn't it?

 Already, my plans for NaNoWriMo have changed since earlier this month. While I had originally planned on simply writing down my world building for several stories at once, I've opted instead to work on one solitary story that has only started to make itself at home earlier this year.
 I had (once again) planned on pantsing the story (as NaNoWriMo calls it, the act of writing with no plan or outline at all). But once again, the story made itself know in the form of three characters who's names and personal stories came out of that foggy area most stories tend to shroud themselves in.

 So, instead of four I'm working on one. And rather than no plan, the inkling of a plot line has decided to make itself known.

 I know I don't update regularly, but throughout the month of November I'm hoping to post regular updates on either processes, or different things that happen. Either wa…

From the comfort of my couch

I've learned many things from the comfort of my couch at home. I've watched documentaries, seen the beginnings of tv shows that have now blossomed into full thrown mayhem and plot twists. I've also listened to a lot of music, and seen a lot of things around the room that I haven't always taken in before.
 Sitting on my couch at home, even though my reasons for being there aren't always great, I always tend to take at least one good thing out of it. Even if it's just a simple sketch.

 I wouldn't say I'm resigned to ending up on the couch, or that I'm always comfortable with it. But I've learned to be okay with it. Okay with the fact that, life happens, and sometimes you just can't go anywhere.
 And on those days, I slow down. I don't feel the need to rush getting things done, so I turn my mind to other things–the learning things.
 I watch documentaries on those days I'm stuck in the living room, because then I know I can learn or see…