September, the 'prepping' month?

It seems September is the preparatory month for a lot of things. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Inktober, Nanowrimo...
 Yes, it would seem that even all the way back here in the grand ol' month of September (known to me now as either second August or first October depending on the weather) we've got people prepping for all these things that are coming up–and I'm one of them!

 Halloween: yeah I kinda like to prep for this early, because ooooooh boy do I love making costumes and dressing up! That's about it, I don't always have a ton of fun trick-or-treating, but the costumes are by far my favorite part. Doubly so if I get to dress up with friends and we don't even do that much, we just kinda hang out while going down one or two streets and that's it.

 Thanksgiving: I bet you that some people are already planning their Thanksgiving plans. (I am not one of them, but I bet they're out there. *not-quite-ominous music plays*)

 Inktober: The newly released and offi…

9 x 2 = 18

One of those odd small pleasures I have in daily life, is when the time or date end up appearing like a form of a math problem or equation.  For example, the way we write dates here in the U.S. month/day/year causes today to appear as 'Nine times Two equals Eighteen'.  An odd and perhaps quite small pleasure.
 But I enjoy it just the same.

One of those days

You know those days, when you suddenly feel like you want to redo everything in either your life or in how you live.
 When the clothes in your closet don't seem quite right, or just need to be something entirely different for just a day.
 Or you just aren't feeling the colors around your room anymore, and you want to completely redo it all?


                It's one of those days.

Small Pleasures

I had to unpack about a box of my books that were tucked away for a long while so my parents could have my copy of Narnia for reference, and I feel suddenly very happy to have small stacks of books around my room again.

Get to Know Me Writers Tag: Firsts and other things

Thanks to a lovely blogger and author I follow, I've been given the freedom to do this tag without being "tagged" specifically, the one and only–Hannah Heath!
 It sounded like fun, and I'm wanting all the practice of writing and thinking I can get in before November strikes.

 On we go!

1. Link back to the amazing person who created the tag: Savannah Grace 2. Thank the sweet person who tagged you: Thank you for the open tag, Hannah! 3. Share the graphic below (optional): I can't seem to insert the graphic unfortunately. But go to Savannah or Hannah's blogs and you'll see it! 4. Lastly, tag 11 bloggers: How about, anybody that reads this is free to do it if they want! ^-^


(pen)Name: Mae Fort, currently!
Nicknames: In my writing circle of NaNoWriMo, Dreamer, Sherlock, and once I was called Dreamer-of-Impossible-Things.
Birthday: December–*static*
Hair Color and Length:  Dark brown with some natural highlights, and just above my waist.
Eye Color:…

Harder than it looks

So, the plan was to make a new blog over on Wordpress to have as a main hub for all my doings and showings.


 Let's just say it's taking a lot longer than I'd previously thought. As well as needing more prep work and finagling than expected.
 What all with actually making sure I have enough content, the right content, and just all around being certain that it's the way I want it to be, all of that is taking more time than expected.

 However, I look forward to publishing it publicly once it is finished and ready to go.
In the meantime, it seems that blogging is sadly low on my list of things to do. While I do hope to continue writing, I'm uncertain how much more I will post on this until my new blog is ready to go.

 I expect to continue some older things on there that I've done over here in greater detail, such as short stories, which to me are a great deal of fun to write!
 But I also am planning on it being more art centered, as I am more of an ar…

When Your Bedroom is also Your Studio

As I prepared to write this, I realized it has been six months since my last post.

 That brought a few thoughts immediately, the main one being "what am I supposed to say?"

 "Should I apologize?"

 "Do I even post here?"

 Well, here's the thing: I don't know how long I'll keep this blog going.

 Now, before any questions may arise, that doesn't mean I will no longer be online or any of that! But, I feel a bit like I've outgrown this blog.
 Over the past six or seven months, I've been slowly setting up another blog on Wordpress that may or may not one day go public. But in the meantime, I might as well update here.

 I started this blog in 2015. A jumpstart of a deal from a previous blog that had in all honesty never really gotten off the ground, but it did give me some experience on not what to do. This one has been through so many changes both in layout, color, and even name (you can see the original name of this blog in the URL).